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Postby fenbar68 » Fri Aug 29, 2014 6:55 am

I am a newbie and I am successful in building my SFI business . Before SFI, my only online experience is with PTC and HYIP programs. I was inspired to try online business so I can quit my overseas job and come back home to my family in the Philippines . That dream is now a reality, I am now living happily with my family and working from home earning more than my income as an Overseas worker. 

There is no secret in my Success. All SFI Affiliates receive the same information, trainings and support . It is how we work to make the system work for us . What I lack in knowledge and experience I compensate by working hard to find people who are better and more experienced than me . When I am just starting my business, I also don't have money for my Standing Order but I focus on building my Team by utilizing FREE advertising thru Social Networking sites and online FREE Classified ads . One very important thing that an Affiliate must do is to study, learn and work hard to make SFI system work for them . SFI system is the best but for an Affiliate to benefit from it, he/she must learn the system and focus on what he/she believes will help him/her reach his/her GOAL. Our Success starts from us, nobody can help us to become successful if we don't have the right mind set. Do not compete with other people, your greatest competitor is yourself. If you always aim to surpass the GOAL that you set for yourself, then you are on your way to Success. If I don't work hard and continue working hard until now I will not get the benefit from my SFI business . 

I am not an expert in online business but SFI give me the knowledge, trainings and tools to achieved what other's may think is impossible for a newbie to achieve . . .After two years and three months in SFI, here is what I accomplished . .(see picture) 

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