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Someone asked me to explain how you get paid in this program.

There are multiple ways to earn money here, but if you want to build a large income, what follows is my answer to that question. 

When you sign up, you now own your own business and TripleClicks is your store. Just like any business there is a profit margin built into every product. Whenever anyone that you bring into your business buys anything from your store there is a profit and commission generated. 40 percent of that commission goes into the Executive Pool that is shared by all EA2's and above. The other 60 percent of the commission is broken up as follows... If the person who bought the item is a Personally Sponsors Affiliate of yours,(PSA)  45 percent goes directly to you. The other 15 percent goes to the Co-Sponsor of that person.  A simple example.  Let's say a $10 comission was generated on an item sold. $4 would go to the Pool, $4.50 would go to you, and $1.50 would go to the Co-Sponsor.

There are products available on TripleClicks that you and the people on your team will want or need to buy to help them build up their businesses, like advertising and other things including new Affiliates. There are expert marketers that offer their services to help you build your team.  I use them alot.  If you owned a restaurant, you would need to buy cleaning supplies, pots and pans, toilet paper. In order to operate. These are investments in your business right?  Same thing here. Whenever one of your PSA's buys something for their business, you get paid. That is why it is important to build your team and find 5 dedicated people that understand the power of this business and will follow the program.

VersaPoints determine how much of the Executive pool you get each month. You start out as an Affiliate, and when you accumulate 1500 Versa Points you advance in rank.  The more points, you get, the bigger the share. At first, it is very small, but as you build up your team and they build their teams, it starts to grow and keeps growing. When your PSA becomes an EA (Executive Affiliate, means you have accumulated 1500 points)  for the second month, you get matching VP. If he or she gets 1500 vp. And you have gotten your 1500 vp, then you have 3000VP. Bigger share of the pool. You must also be an EA each month to qualify. Also, because you have 3000vp you will be a Team Leader. Earning more bonuses.

Ok, so let's think big picture now. Let's say you are an EA2 and you have found 5 dedicated people that are also all EA2's. You will earn direct commissions on anything they purchase, plus you will get matching VP of 7500VP added to your 1500 for a total of 9000vp.  Executive pool money goes up! At this point you want to help your EA2's find their 5 dedicated people. They will earn the direct commissions from their 5 and get the matching VP, but you will also get matching vp on all EA2's in your downline up to 12 levels deep. This takes time to develop. That is why we stress that this is not a get rich quick scheme, but you will create a large income that will keep paying you every month forever if you do it right.

Once you reach your first $20 in commissions, you will get a Payoneer card, which is a Debit card. All future commiissions will automatically be added to your card every month. That gives you immediate access to your cash, and you can get it in your own currency if you want. Your PSA's come from countries all over the world. The American Dream is alive and well here.

There is alot more to learn, and many different ways to earn, but it is a simple concept that has been proven over and over again to work. All the Training and Tools to build this business are provided by SFI for free.  All we need to do is be consistent and follow the program.  This is a fun business to build and I am here to help and guide you every step of the way.

I look forward to working with you.



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